Forensic accounting involves a wide range of specialist activities from providing advice on the quantification of economic loss or damages to the reconstruction of accounting records.

Our accounting experience and knowledge allows us to provide detailed, reliable and well-documented expert reports to our clients and, when necessary, expert testimony in Court.

Knowledge of the litigation process, as well as technical issues, is paramount, and is maintained at all times through continuing training and a commitment to improving our skills.

Our senior consultants have extensive experience in the identification, detection and prevention of fraud and other illegal activities such as money laundering and attempted transfers of funds to avoid tax or other liabilities such as child support obligations or contractual liabilities.

Identifying inappropriate corporate activity requires sound commercial experience, coupled with a detailed knowledge of accounting, law enforcement and legal processes. Our staff have the investigation skills, evidence gathering and analytical abilities necessary to unravel the substance (and not just the form) of complex financial and accounting transactions.

The scope of such assignments often requires the use of a broad range of skills, and so each assignment is resourced with an appropriate mix of investigation, accounting and information technology specialists.

BPS Advisory undertakes a range of specialist forensic and fraud investigation activities including:

  • Pre-litigation advice in relation to quantification and methodology issues
  • Assistance in identifying accounting evidence pursuant to discovery orders
  • Reconstruction and analysis of accounting records and other business information
  • Quantification of economic loss and damages in the context of contractual and other disputes
  • Solvency reports
  • Identification and collation of accounting and other evidence for negligence actions
  • Advice or expert witness reports in mediations and arbitrations
  • Expert accounting evidence or reviews in regulatory and pricing disputes
  • Quantification of royalties and franchise fees
  • Insurance-related litigation and claims
  • The investigation of accounting misstatements
  • Data mining and analytics to uncover transaction patterns which reveal fraudulent activity
  • Reconstruction and analysis of accounting records and other business information such as e-mails and other electronic documents
  • Financial investigations on behalf of regulators, including the provision of expert reports and testimony
  • Claims for business costs, termination of supplier or distribution contracts
  • Employee fraud investigations
  • Family Court matters involving the disposition of assets or hiding of income
  • Investigations into the inappropriate use of intellectual property
  • Procurement reviews
  • Money laundering investigations
  • Asset and funds tracing
  • Financial and fraud investigations in the context of insolvency appointments, including employee and corporate fraud, asset tracing and the investigation of suspicious transactions