Let’s not beat around the bush – the only purpose of any marketing activity is to sell stuff – either to new customers or to people who already know you.

A well defined marketing strategy is not only a component of your overall business plan, it sits right at the core.

BPS Advisory takes a unique approach by emphasising consumer behaviour as the start point for strategy development. After all, the ability to sell your product is an essential prerequisite to business success.

At BPS Advisory, a holistic approach to marketing underpins our whole business philosophy.  From initial business and product concepts to pricing, promotion, distribution and customer service BPS Advisory and implementation, marketing is central to our thought processes.

A brand is much more than a logo. It is a promise to your customers; an assurance that your business will deliver.  The process of developing a brand that will endure can be surprisingly complex, particularly when the aim is to achieve a strong, clearly stated message.

And, because BPS Advisory’s team designs brands, we are well placed to review existing brands and businesses and assess how well they are achieving objectives and what potential exists for enhancing their effectiveness.

We know that all businesses have finite budgets. The challenge is to make each marketing and advertising dollar work as hard as it possibly can for your benefit. To achieve this, you need to know who your customers are and how to interact with them.

And when you’ve caught your customers’ attention, we can show you exactly how to convert leads to sales.  It’s your money in their pocket – let’s help you get hold of it.

A well designed marketing communications and sales strategy will ensure that you spend your budget effectively and efficiently, working towards achieving your business objectives.